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Martin Style 1T Tenor Ukulele 1960

Product Condition: Very Good

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Martin Style 1T Tenor ukulele from 1960 in very good condition with original case.

Discover the melodic charm of the Martin Style 1T tenor ukulele, an instrument that embodies the golden age of ukulele music. Made at a time when the ukulele was a symbol of musical joy and cultural expression, this Martin tenor ukulele brings with it stories of musical gatherings, beachside serenades and the birth of iconic melodies that have endured the test of time.

Since its inception, the Martin ukulele has been admired for its superior craftsmanship and rich tonal quality. The Style 1T tenor model, with its larger body and extended neck, offered a deeper, more resonant sound than its soprano counterparts, appealing to musicians and amateurs alike. This model has become a favorite of amateur strummers and professional artists alike, contributing to the resurgence of the ukulele in popular music culture.

The Martin Style 1T tenor ukulele has been played by a multitude of legendary performers, from the smooth jazz inflections of Billie Holiday to the rhythms of Elvis Presley. Its versatility and warm tone have made it the instrument of choice for studio artists wanting to add a unique sound to their tracks, cementing its place in musical history.

Made from high-quality mahogany wood, the Style 1T Tenor delivers a rich, warm sound that has become synonymous with Martin ukuleles.

Genuine rosewood fingerboard, providing smooth and durable playability.

The Martin Style 1T tenor ukulele is celebrated for its impeccable balance of playability, portability and tonal excellence. Its size provides a comfortable playing experience for both seasoned ukulele players and those transitioning from guitar, while its sound quality sets a standard that few can match. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to produce a sound that is both nostalgic and timeless, making it a valuable instrument for collectors and musicians.

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