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Rickenbacker Lapsteel B-6 c.1935

Product Condition: Very Good

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Lapsteel Rickenbacher B-6 c.1935 in chrome and bakelite in very good condition with original case.

Enter the world of musical innovation with the Rickenbacker Lap Steel B-6, circa 1935, an instrument that not only paved the way for the world of electric guitars, but also shaped the soundscapes of genres for decades to come. come. Made in an era of boundless creativity, the B-6 is a testament to Rickenbacker's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a stringed instrument can achieve.
In the mid-1930s, Rickenbacker, then known as Rickenbacher, released the Lap Steel B-6, marking a turning point in music history. This instrument emerged at a time when amplification was just beginning to unlock its potential, providing musicians with the ability to project their music like never before. The B-6, with its sleek design and revolutionary electromagnetic pickup, became an instant icon, laying the foundation for all electric guitars that followed.
The Rickenbacker Lap Steel B-6 quickly found favor with pioneers of blues, country and Hawaiian music. His distinctive sound has graced the recordings and performances of legends such as Sol Hoopii, who masterfully showcased the expressive capabilities of the lap steel, and he has continued to influence countless musicians across genres, from Buddy Emmons in country music to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.
Body and Construction: The B-6 features a cast aluminum body, renowned for its durability and unique resonance, producing a sound that is as rich as it is clear.
Finish: The model features a remarkable “Bakelite” finish, a trademark of the era which adds to its vintage charm.
Pickups: Equipped with Rickenbacker's pioneering "horseshoe" pickup, the B-6 delivers a sound that's both warm and precise, capable of capturing the nuances of every slide and bend.
Neck: Its smooth, fretless design allows for fluid slides and expressive vibrato, essential to lap steel technique.
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