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National Tricone Style 2 Square Neck 1930

Product Condition: Very Good

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National Tricone Style 2 Square Neck from 1930 in very good condition with original case.

Enter a world where history and melody intertwine with the National Tricone Style 2, a masterpiece of acoustic engineering. This instrument is not just a guitar; it’s a vessel that carries the soul of the American musical landscape, from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression, and beyond.

The National Tricone Style 2 was born in a time of innovation and turmoil. Invented by John Dopyera in the late 1920s, the Tricone was designed to give guitarists a louder, clearer tone that could cut through the noise of dance halls and jazz orchestras. Its unique three-cone resonator system sets it apart from anything previously available, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the guitar.

The Tricone Style 2's resonant, metallic tone quickly found favor with blues legends and slide guitar virtuosos. His sound has become synonymous with the blues genre, contributing significantly to its growth and development.

What Makes the National Tricone Style 2 Exceptional:

Unparalleled Sound Quality: The Tricone's innovative resonator system produces a rich, complex tone that is both powerful and nuanced, perfect for the intricate styles of blues, folk, and beyond.

Art Deco Elegance: The Style 2's beautifully engraved nickel-plated brass body is a testament to the art deco movement, making it as visually striking as it is aurally.

Durability and Playability: Built to last with quality materials and careful craftsmanship, it also features a comfortable neck and action, providing playability to match its exceptional sound.

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