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Gibson J200 1954

Product Condition: Very Good

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Very rare Gibson J200 from 1954 in exceptional condition with its period case. Purchased by its owner from François Charle at the Véro-Dodat gallery (now Galerie Casanova). No cracks, no breaks.

Enter the world of timeless music with our Gibson J-200, a guitar that is not just an instrument, but a piece of history. Affectionately known as the "King of flat top", this iconic model, first introduced in 1937, has been the favored choice of legendary musicians across generations.

The J-200's journey began in the late 1930s, intended as a larger, more visually striking alternative to previous models. His bold, balanced tone and grandiose aesthetic quickly captivated the music world. By 1954, the J-200 had already become a symbol of prestige and musical excellence, adorning the hands of great artists such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and George Harrison. Their timeless tracks bear the unique signature of the J-200's melodious charm.

Every curve and contour of this 1954 Gibson J-200 tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship. Its Sunburst finish, flamed maple back and sides, and open mustache bridge demonstrate Gibson's commitment to quality. The spruce top, hand-selected for its acoustic properties, has matured like fine wine, delivering a richness of sound that only decades of melodies can impart.

Playing this guitar is like scratching through the pages of music history. Its deep, sonorous bass, combined with crisp, articulate highs, creates a symphony with every chord. Its large body, a characteristic of the J-200, offers unparalleled volume and projection.

Owning a 1954 Gibson J-200 is more than owning a guitar; it’s embracing a heritage. It's a chance to connect with the golden era of music, feel the echo of the songs that shaped generations, and create your own melodies that will continue the story of this magnificent instrument.



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