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Products verified by trusted experts - Buyer protection - Pay with Paypal
Products verified by trusted experts - Buyer protection


How are the products controlled?

Ad moderation

When a seller puts a product for sale on the site, their ad will be verified by our teams before being published on Replay Music. Thanks to the photos sent and the description given, we can exclude any attempt at fraud, and verify that the product is in satisfactory condition to be put on sale. We check that all the information necessary for the buyer is indicated accurately, so that you find your product quickly.

Private sellers

All products sold by an individual are physically checked by our experts in the Replay Music warehouses.

The package is then opened and inspected by our experts, in order to verify its conformity with the announcement (condition, defects, operation, etc.). For products requiring more monitoring such as certain musical instruments, our luthier partners ensure product verification.

Professional sellers

Our professional partner sellers have been chosen for their rigor and seriousness. The products they put on sale have been checked by them and are in perfect working order.